Social Responsibility

The Manuchar organization is committed to sustainable business practices that reduce the environmental footprint and maximize the wellbeing of our employees, neighboring communities and other stakeholders. We choose to conduct business with suppliers, customers and partners who support such a commitment.

Sustainability through governance

Our employees’ conduct is governed by both our Code of Conduct and Our Values. Each new employee is informed of what is required of them as a Manuchar team member on the first day they attend our workplaces.


For the purchases of paper, wood, chemicals, food ingredients and minerals we consider licensing, certifications and constituents that avoid any illegal or  any advantage from conflict or exploitation. Dedicated sourcing also ensures we act on behalf of our clients with respect to their policies, avoiding those issues they deem as most important to their business or market segment. Palm oil, precursor chemicals, conflict minerals and non-GMO are just some of the products where we apply additional criteria, limiting our source origins.


Our supply partners are carefully selected and assessed in terms of the governance and responsibility practices they apply. We aim to partner with those suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to reducing their environmental impact and avoid those who disregard acceptable standards. Suppliers who do not attain the standard required, are excluded from preferred supplier status.


We have maintained memberships and receive recognition with market segment compliance organizations including: Ecovadis®, SEDEX® and Responsible Care®. We provide additional commitment to sustainable practices via transparent reporting with groups such as the Carbon Disclosure Project® (CDP) and satisfy the Environmental & Social standards defined by International Finance Corporation Policy® (IFC).

Care of our Environment

Manuchar protects the environment by its group commitment to our environmental policy. Our aim is to ensure minimization of impact on the environment where we operate in and to ensure no or minimal adverse effects on local communities.

Reuse, Recycle, Remanufacture, Resell

Operationally our approach has the mindset of Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Remanufacture or Resell the materials or consumables and in doing so, avoid disposal direct to landfill.

Practically this involves the reuse or sale of 100,000’s of plastic bags. Where materials require specialist management of the disposal process, we engage licensed professionals with the necessary accreditations.

  • Recycled wood +80%

    The majority of our wooden pallets we handle are recycled to extend their usable lifespan.

  • Green light +50%

    50% of our locations are using low energy lighting in their work zones and have updated their equipment to clean fuel consumption.

Global footprint

In 2018, our operational teams committed to the mapping of our Energy, Fuel, Water and Waste practices. This data was used to calculate our Global Carbon footprint and then define a benchmark for action for reduction and control where we continue to optimize our logistics pathways and ensure our transportation and warehouse approach is performed with efficiency and without compromising the environment.


Scope 1+2 Emissions

  • Europe430.65
  • Africa1000.27
  • Asia2932.69
  • Latin America3978.97
  • Central America
    + Caribs



  • Europe1570.28
  • Africa19550.89
  • Asia14680.71
  • Latin America34314.50
  • Central America
    + Caribs

A socially responsible organization

The Manuchar organization demonstrates its ongoing commitment to the safety and welfare of its employees. Manuchar employees are committed to caring for their fellow employees and communities in word and practice.

Health & Safety


Employee and product safety is paramount to our operational approach and a priority of our management’s agenda. Every warehouse is controlled via the principles of Japanese 5S Lean management: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain – to ensure the minimization of risk to employees, assets and stakeholders. The global quality team maintains a regular audit program in cooperation with the local quality and warehouse teams that ensures compliance to these principles and continuous improvement.

Incidence Rate

We record lost time injuries and place high priority on seeking solutions, so they are not repeated. 50% of our teams provide additional health and welfare support over that what is defined by local labor regulations.

LTIIR Manuchar0,95 LTIIR Chemical Industry*1,38


5S score per region

5S score per region


Every chemical we handle is accompanied by a world’s best practice safety data sheet matched to local regulations in the country of use and available in local language. In 2018 we opened up this service to all our customers to ensure their employees are safe by understanding the materials they handle.


Manuchar trains its employees to ensure they understand the risks associated with their daily tasks. We provide personal protective equipment as a minimum standard for anyone who enters our sites and ensure employees involved in specialist tasks are provided with additional training from accredited training groups. Handling dangerous chemicals, performing tasks in bulk storage zones, operating heavy equipment, working at heights or in isolation – are all practices we manage with the highest awareness necessary and where our employees’ safety comes first.


Where Manuchar activities can impose on local stakeholders we engage directly with the local authorities, community groups or port operations to limit the impact of our activities including those that result due to new constructions or mass movements of materials. We look for ways to minimize our interactions via traffic controls, timed movements and employ emergency & response preparedness plans.

30 nationalities in our headquarters


Manuchar is an equal opportunity employer and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, belief nor gender.
We conduct our businesses in accordance to local laws and regulations.

We employ over 30 nationalities in our headquarters in Antwerp and we ensure women are well represented in our workplaces.

Social programs

Manuchar employees have a long history of donating their time and energy to many social programs that provided gifts, funds and education to enable community groups to learn, grow and become self-sufficient.

Global programs

Our Antwerp team organizes many events during the year to generate funds to be provided to a community project. They bake cakes, make pasta, hot dogs and sell soup to their fellow employees. Projects they have assisted in include:
2015 - Kenya

We provided didactic material for the children in the Jabali school in Nairobi.

2016 - Ecuador

We supported victims of the devastating earthquake in Ecuador by donating life supplies.

2017 - Belgium

Thanks to our donations, underprivileged children in Belgium could escape everyday life and enjoy amazing holidays.

Local programs

The generosity of our affiliate teams across the globe ensures there are many activities that assist their local communities and environment.

The whole operational team in Honduras participated in the 2018 ECORUN, a sustainability initiative sponsored by Manuchar Honduras. During the run they picked up garbage alongside the whole circuit.


In 2018 Manuchar Colombia donated presents to the orphans and vulnerable children of the Instituto Cristiano de San Pablo, ensuring they had a great Christmas.


Our team in Mexico is focusing their activities on nearby schools where they provided in 2018 training on topics like recycling or career choices and donated school equipment.